“Everything” Digital Album (2013) by Davide Caterino


All the songs are created, composed, played, sung, arranged and produced by Davide Caterino. Each musical instrument has been played by Davide Caterino and recorded on a multitrack Fostex X-18 4-track, then digitized and processed via PC.
In this album you will find every type of genre, sixteen songs that range from one Music style to another, in other words: “everything” (or almost).
“Everything” is the first Album by Davide Caterino.
There is a lot of work, commitment and passion behind “Everything”
so this album deserves to be listened carefully and definitely worth the money for its purchase.
And now sit back, relax and enjoy your “Everything”, good listening.

released 14 June 2013
Special thanks to:
shonshonoy for graphic cover,
Ennio Saccamoneta for lyrics on “Through”
and my Family for Support.
All rights reserved, Copyright © 2013 Davide Caterino.

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